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Covered California (Obamacare)

Que es Covered California? ►Video con informacion sobre Covered California

What is Covered California? ►English Informational Video on Covered California

Free or Low Cost Insurance

Resident in California (ages 19-64): Apply for HEALTHY WAY LA 

Healthy Way LA

Healthy Way LA pg 2

Undocumented and Residents in California: Apply for ORSA  Services

UnDocumented Insurance Option: County Outpatient

UnDocumented Insurance Option: County Outpatient pg 2

LAUSD CHAMP Representatives are willing to help. 

Call to Apply at (866)742-2273  or Visit 

Public Benefits that are Available

What are the public benefits you can partake in and will it affect your future residential status?

Public Insurance Benefits (Spanish)

Public Insurance Benefits pg 2 (Spanish)

Public and Federal Program Eligibility (English)